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Here is a list of what we are growing, showing varieties that suit our conditions - a fairly heavy clay soil in the West Midlands, UK.

Veg Name Veg Variety
Aster ?
Basil Sweet
Beetroot Little Ball
Beetroot Boltardy
Broad Bean Optica
Broad Bean Dreadnought
Broad Bean The Sutton
Broad Bean Aquadulce
Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting
Brussel Sprout Peer Gynt
Butternut Squash  
Cabbage Langedijker Red Early
Cabbage Pixie
Cabbage Spring
Cabbage Hispi
Cabbage Savoy Omskirk
Cabbage Winter January King
Calabrese Experimental
Calabrese Corvet
Capsicum Canape
Capsicum Gypsy
Carrot Fly Away F1
Carrot Parano F1
Carrot Early Nantes
Carrot Rocket
Carrot Autumn King 2
Carrot Autumn King
Chard Rainbow Lights
Chilli Pepper Apache
Chrysanthemum Pennine
Corn Salad  
Courgette Defender
Courgette Gold Rush
Courgette Zucchini
Cucumber Petita
Dahlia ?
Everlasting Flower Various
Exp Chinese Various
Florence Fennel Zefa Fino
Flowers Unspecified
French Bean Sprite Dwarf
French Bean Blue Lake
French Bean Purple Queen
Garlic Unwins
Gladioli Various
Kale Westland Autumn
Kohl Rabi Purple Vienna
Kohl Rabi White Vienna
Leaf Coriander Cilantro
Leek Autumn Giant 3 - Rami
Leek Snowstar
Lettuce Fortune
Lettuce Continuity
Lettuce Little Gem
Lettuce Granada
Lettuce Set
Lettuce Salad Bowl
Lettuce Lakeland
Lettuce Lollo Rossa
Mangetout Sugar Gem
Mangetout Oregon Sugar Pod
Onion Centurion
Onion Bedfordshire Champion
Onion Early Kaizuka
Onion Fen Globe
Onion Red Brunswick
Onion Rijnsburger
Onion Turbo
Onion Unwins First Early
Onion Showmaster
Onion Red Baron
Onion Sturon
Ornamental Grass Various
Parsley Plain leaved/Curlina
Parsley Plain leaved/Curlina
Parsnip Gladiator
Parsnip Tender and True
Parsnip Gladiator F1
Parsnip White Gem
Peas Hurst Green Shaft
Potato Sharpes Express
Potato Suttons Foremost
Potato Rocket
Pumpkin Jackpot
Pumpkin Baby Bear
Radish Ilka
Runner Bean Enorma
Runner Bean Desiree
Seakale Leaf Beet/Silver
Shallot Piquant
Shallot Golden Gormet
Spinach Triton
Spinach Sigmaleaf
Spring Cabbage Advantage F1
Spring Cabbage Pixie
Spring Onion Ishikura
Spring Onion White Lisbon Winter Hardy
Spring Onion White Lisbon
Swede Marian
Sweet Corn Sundance
Sweet Pea Various
Sweet William Various
Tomato Incas
Tomato Dombello
Tomato MM Super
Tomato Alicante
Tomato Gardeners Delight
Turkish Rocket  
Turnip Purple Top Milan
Turnip Golden Ball
Winter Lettuce Kwiek
Winter Lettuce Arctic King

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